Monday, April 22, 2019
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Kangra Parliamentary- Brahmin leaders substituted

At Kangra parliamentary constituency these ongoing Lok Sabha polls has opened gateways for entry of two important stakeholder castes of this region to enter...

Congress ticket to Suresh Chandel @ Hamirpur- Some quarters gain?

In a poll where every seat counts for both NDA (BJP) and UPA (Congress), the parties don’t want to leave any stone unturned, which...

Vol 2 issue 5

Lacking support for the Non Agriculturist Himachali

Subsequent state governments, under the garb of 'investor friendly' approach in the state have been selling agriculture lands to thousands of non Himachalis. Felicitating...

Vol 2 Issue 2

Escaping the ambit of law

The flawed policies of successive governments have taken a huge toll of state’s fragile environment.  Pursuing vote bank politics to the hilt the BJP...

Perplexity of choosing ‘A-OK’ forerunner

Clearly visible that the state Congress party is moving into 2019 Lok Sabha polls in a disturbed house. Where the party on one hand,...