Nov 6, 2020

HP Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur is visiting New Delhi for a day or two on Saturday and will discuss various issues emerging in the party, patty’s preparations for the ensuing polls of the panchayats raj institutions and local urban bodies and post-lockdown development in the state with Central leadership.  

The rumours of ensuing cabinet reshuffle or major changes in party have been rebuffed by both Chief Minister and State BJP Chief. 

Prior to this visit, day before Thakur held meeting with state BJP President Suresh Kashyap party’s state  General Secretaries Trilok Jamwal, Rakesh Jamwal and Trilok Kapoor in Oak Over and discussed various matters in the party, the issue of expulsion of partymen from Jawalmukhi in Kangra district and from other units. The issue of raising of various party matters in public by vice-chairman of State Planning Board and party MLA Ramesh Dhawala was also discussed.  Besides the party issues, the Chief Minister also held official level meetings to take an overview of development in the state in the post-lockdown phases. 

The state BJP’s top office-bearers have given the overall scenario that how the party is out reaching masses in all the 7792 polling station in-charges and 1.90 lakh Panna Pramukhs who have been verified in the e-Vistarak Yojana that took place last month.

Party is also propagating development schemes of the Union and the state governments, and systematic publications have been printed for distribution, while significant achievements of Union Government like laying foundation of Ram Mandir, 

Abolition of section 370 and 35a making india one, abolished three talaq to empower women power have also been highlighted. 

It’s high time for ruling BJP leadership to be very careful as it has enhanced some consumer charges for electricity, water, bus-fares, vehicle registration etc just before the lections of panchayats raj and urban local bodies. May be it was state government’s compulsion, yet people expected liberal concessions in the post-lockdown scenario. Also, the government must show its will to be pro-public postures rather exhibiting skills in financial management, the path generally shown by the bureaucracy, which is loyal to the party in power, whosoever it may be. 

The recent cabinet reshuffle, followed by two major administrative reshuffles has also been criticized by the party’s group, which feels ignored in the organization and in the government.


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