Shimla Aug 28
Agriculture Market crashed in Himachal Pradesh due to the monopoly of big Corporate houses, but on Saturday suffering apple growers got solidarity of Bharat Kisan Union leader Rakesh Taiket.
Rakesh Taiket was addressing a press conference at Shimla here today said that Big Corporate made entry in the apple market ten years ago when they started trading apple as small traders, have now monopolised the entire Agriculture sectors and it’s assets.
“If the peasents of Himachal did not come forward raising their voice  against the ‘Company Raj’ ,  apple orchards  and their other land would be owned by these big firms in coming days on the anology tea gardens of Assam.” warned Takeit.
The way corporate are increasing their control on the market today, day is not far when growers would be compelled to sell their land and the owners of these orchards would work as labourers on his own land. He said the Sayunkt Kisan Morcha will raise this issue in Delhi. We will tell the other farmers sitting on Delhi borders and the Union govt that what the big companies like Adani have been doing in Himachal to the orchards. In his first visit to the state capital, while addressing the media he said that Adani floated their own rates of the apple crops and as the market got down this company started to purchase the crops from the orchards. The rates it floated was 16 rupees per kg less than the last year.
These big companies are purchasing the crops at a low rate and will store them in cold stores and later on will sell at higher prices. Like this, producers of the crop will be at a loss. he said.
To stop this we are seeking and getting support of all the peasants. Also we are establishing contact with all NGOs and farmer organisations” he said.
Responding to queries about slump in Agriculture and apple market he said that they are working  hard to stop the exploitation. He hoped that the farmers could be the only ones to stop these prevailing antifarmer policies of Govt after building powerful movement.
“Simla Thanda  pada hi ab ise garm hona pdega”( Shimla is cold. it has to warm up itself) he observed reffering about the present Farmer movement. The government must address the issue of farmers on priority however Shimla may become Delhi in context of agitation. ” Shimla ko delhi bante der nahin lagegi.”
Taiket warned that after entering Agriculture sectors these firms gradually step into farm produce business and start to manipulate rates to make it unprofitable for farmers.
We are already vehementaly opposing the trend now BKU and Kisan Sanyukt Morch shall not allow this company Raj in the state and the country.  Seeking support of all section of farmers he said that they should be prepare themselves not bothering to sacrifice one crop.
He said  the rates which farmers was getting ten years ago are the same today . No hike in any way, while there has been a increase in every other pricein the country .
Farmers must be given better prices of their crops, he said.  Seeking transport subsidy to the farmers Taiket said that by facilitating their crops
could be marketed in other places like Bangalore.


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