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Even though an order by the State Government is awaited yet, but with the new Government of India guidelines life might start getting towards normalcy in the ‘Green’ and ‘orange’ zones. Currently 7 districts of the state are ‘Green’ and 5 are in ‘Orange’ zones. As per an order issued by the Government of India, Ministry of Home affairs buses up to 50% capacity can operate in ‘Green’ zone areas. Even the bus depots can operate upto 50% capacity, states the order. Adding, “ All other activities shall be permitted activities, which are not specifically prohibited/permitted with restrictions in various zones, under these guidelines.”

Even taxis and cab operators with 1 driver and 2 passengers shall be permitted in both ‘Green’ and ‘Orange’ zones. Besides, even inter-district movement of individuals and vehicles, only for permitted activities can be allowed, states the GoI order. Also four wheelers with maximum 2 passengers besides the driver could be used for such purpose.

Though the final interpretation of the order has been left on respective state/UT, but Himachal being relatively on ‘safe’ grounds, could see life slowly getting back to normal in days to come.

Read the full order


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