Himachal Scape

All eyes of ruing students (against RUSA) have now turned towards the ongoing budget session, after Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur made the statement that abolishing RUSA shall be not be a practical move, therefore a solution would be found before the end of the budget session.

Supporting the declaration of the State government leader, even Education Minister Suresh Bhardwaj has affirmed that RUSA shall not be scrapped. He added that RUSA was a campaign which was wrongly implemented. He said that corrective changes should be made soon also stating that the vacant positions in colleges and university serve as a major barrier in the smooth implementation of RUSA and it should be taken care off with more appointments.

“Even the previous state government kept on experimenting changes during its tenure, but nothing positive evolved and the Choice based Credit system continued to be impractical, all these years, stated SFI leader Vikram Kainth.

He said that BJP in their manifesto had clearly said that they would scrap the system, but now they have turned a back to it. “RUSA is a campaign but the choice based credit system is not for states like Himachal, he stated. The semester system is not practical, therefore it is important is that we revert to the yearly system, he added.

The CBCS provides choice for students to select from the prescribed courses (core, elective or minor or soft skill courses).

“Have you heard that an entire class fails in an exam?” questioned Kainth. He said recently in an incident as per the norms, the entire class failed in an exam, which reflects the impracticality of the CBCS based education.

He said that the CBCS was implemented based on Gross enrolment ratio basis. Students should have also been given diplomas or certificates based on their grades. However the truth is that in these 5 years of RUSA not even a single student was awarded certificate/diploma, he added. Under RUSA he added “even the quality of education is getting derailed”. As per the practical truth in a semester system only 30-35 lectures are being delivered which makes it maximum 70 in an year. However in the old system around 100-115 lectures per year were delivered. “And then to complete the curriculum the teachers rush the syllabus in a short span of time, which most students are not able to cope up with,” he summoned.

He said SFI would continue to fight against the Choice based credit system of RUSA, so that the next generation of students is not hassled by its demerits.

While students continue to rage their fight against the new system of education, if a solution is not found soon, many shall fall victim to it, before it all gets smoothened up. Delay in results of even outgoing students has been a major hurdle of the process. The same has been repeatedly agitated by students in past besides other impracticalities of the CBCS under RUSA. Even teachers have been against the system, blaming that with such level of under staffing the adoption of the CBCS under RUSA is not practical.


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