Shimla, May 23
Himachal Pradesh Health department warned the people today attributing delayed hospitalization
and ignoring influenza like illness for death of number of young ones stating that negligence is proving fatal during the current 2nd wave of Covid pandemic.
A spokesperson of the Health department said here today that it is being observed that the deaths occurring in the 2nd  wave of Covid-19 are in the relatively younger age group i.e. in 40s or 50s in many cases. State clinical team is analyzing the details of the death cases regularly. They have come up with the observation that in most of the cases people are having symptoms suggestive of Covid like fever, cough, cold etc. but they ignore these and try to get home medications and are reporting late in the health institutions.
Some of the people who have unfortunately succumbed to the disease had even a history of visiting quack for treatment.

The people are reporting to the health institutions when the symptoms get severe or the condition gets deteriorated and when they are investigated in the hospital they are found not only to be Covid positive but their other investigations reveal that there is extensive damage to many organs, which is irreversible many times. This is leading to unfortunate mortality.
All the persons should come forward for their testing if they are having any Corona suggestive symptom like fever, cough, tunning nose, breathlessness, loss of taste or smell etc. All the persons who happened to be in close contact of any Covid positive person should also get themselves tested. Early diagnosis and timely treatment is imperative to achieve good clinical outcomes. It is not at all advisable to neglect the symptoms of the disease, howsoever mild the symptoms may be, the spokesman added.


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