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Shimla, Jul 13

Himachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly longest ever monsoon session is  convened here today as notification released by Vidhan Sabha secretariat scheduling the 12th session of 13 legislative assembly from August 2, 2021 to August 13, 2021 at Shimla.

Vidhan Sabha Secretary Yashpal Sharma said that outgoing Guv of Himachal Pradesh Bandaru Datatreya had given the assent to convene the monsoon session on the advise of state council of minister recently. 

He said that there would be total ten sittings of the house from August 2 to 13, 2012 with two days break on Saturday and Sunday.

Two days would be dedicated to private member bills or resolutions on each Thursday on August 5 & 13. This session would extend to ten days to complete the minimum requisite 35 sittings or meetings in an year and to keep the Winter session short at Dharmshala in wake of third wave of Covid pandemic. 

He said that monsoon session normally lasts for five to six days annually but since the state assembly could not complete the minimum 35 sittings last year due to Covid pandemic the session has been prolonged for ten days first time to complete most of sitting.

This would be longest ever Monsoon session in the history of the state and it will enable to complete 27 annual meetings of assembly as 17 sittings were already completed during the budget session earlier this year.

Sharma said that as many as 30 Vidhan Sabha queries are raised online by the members of assembly and state government would come up with the Vidhan Sabha agenda.


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