Shimla, Mar 15 
Himachal Pradesh Government assured the members of Assembly that Rs 60 lakh lapsed for the minor work of road repair would be reallocated as the fund could not be utilised during Covid pandemic in the last three years. Replying to a query of Ramesh Dhawla (Jawalamukhi), Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur said in the question hour on Tuesday that three minor works of roads in his assembly constituency remained pending with the Public Works Department as they could not be utilised during Covid pandemic. Demanding more funds for repairs of minor works Dhawala said that the number of roads are potholed and the condition of these roads has become worse. CM said that funds have lapsed as it was earmarked for the specific years would be reallocated again. He said that more funds would also be allocated by the departments on other minor works too provided they had enough funds available with it.
500 doctors to be recruited shortly
Replying to a query of Surinder Shourie (Banjar) Health Minister Rajeev Sehjal said that 500 doctors are being recruited shortly and would also be provided shortly to CHC and PHC Banjar. Replying to a query of Sanjay Awasti, Sehjal said that two ambulances are available at Arki subdivision however due to the unavailability of drivers services could not be provided. The Minister said that the parameter of providing new ambulances is not done based on population. The ambulances are being provided based on response time which is 35 minutes in the state compared to 28 minutes on the national level.
The cost of power increased due to various reasons
Replying to a query of Rohit Thakur Power minister Sukh Ram Chaudhary said that Swara Kudu power project came into commission a year ago and generated power worth Rs 132 Cr. He said that out of money earned in power generation Rs 109 Cr and Rs 23 Cr was shared by the Himachal Pradesh Power Corporation Limited and the state Government. Chaudhary said that the cost escalation of power increased due to various reasons. The Rs ten Crore per megawatt cost escalations sometimes increased disproportionately due to hard strata in the tunnel construction, running away of contractors, pending of cases in the courts etc. He said that discharge of water owing to irrigation is responsible for the low generation and under tapping of the power potential. Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu said that power escalations have increased above Rs fifty per unit in many public sectors.
Wild animals rendering loss of 400 to 500 Cr
In another, replying to a query of Arun Kumar Agriculture minister Kanwar Varinder Singh said that according to a survey the wild animal is rendering loss tunes to Rs 400 Cr to 500 Cr per annum to crops. He said that the Government is offering subsidised solar power fencing at the rate of 80 pc. The State Government is also supplying interlinking fencing to cover the agriculture fields by providing a 70 pc subsidy. The government covers 9827 farmers under the scheme. Minister said that the government would inform the house about the provision of NREGA funds for the fencing of crops.
Schools running without science classes
BJP member Col Inder Singh said that many plus schools in his assembly segments are running without having science classes. Education Minister Govind Thakur said that a parameter of 500 students should be available in each school to start science classes.
Veterinary hospitals without doctors
Vinay Kumar of Kangra said that many Veterinary hospitals and centres are running without staff and doctors. Agriculture Minister Kanwar Varinder Singh said that 339 new veterinary officers are being recruited in the state and posting in the vacant places would be done soon.


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