Shimla, Sep 12
Jalshakti Minister (IPH) Mahinder Singh and a affected man had a spat during state BJP govt flagship program Janmunch at Karsog on Sunday because of the upcoming Swereage Treatment on the bank of a river
A video uploaded on the social media by local y-tube channel displayed a affected complainant raising public grievance about setting up of a sewage treatment plant by thr municipal committee Karsog on Imla-Bimla Rivers.
The complainant during the Janmunch said that the treatment plant should not be set up near the
water flow of two rivers as many water supply schemes have been set up downstream of these rivers.  The complainant also pointed out that after flash flood incident in Dharampur in 2015 decisions was taken to not set up any project on the bank of rivers.
However, the perturbed minister intervening on the issue said that the Government would acquire the land for the treatment plant  forcibly if the complainant and land owner would not be ready for the same. Minister said that it is Government forum and complaints should not be raised on political matters.
Complainant alleged that the government or minister was not be expected to act like dictators by forcing the villagers for setting up the treatment plant against the public interests .
Minister replied that ‘yes it is dictatorship’ if Civic body decided to set up a sewerage plant then no one could stop it and the State Government could acquire it forcibly. The State  government decided to organised the Jan Munch  public grievance programme after gap of one and half year as it had suspended  the same during peak period of Covid pandemic.
There is nformation that two groups have scuffle during this programm at Bilaspur on Sunday in the presence of the minister.


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