Tiger in HP Farmhouse :Wildlife Wing place camera traps
Shimla, Jan 24
The State Wild Life wing has placed camera traps near a Private farmhouse in Poantashaib of Sirmour district where pug mark of the rare guest tiger were found by Shimla Wild Life team on Sunday.
DFO wild life Shimla Ravi Shankar who also confirmed identification of tiger pugmark for the first time in this hill state on Sunday, stated today that now the camera traps were put in the farmhouse to trace the tiger in the area.
He said that on Sunday Wild Life Shimla got a complaint from owner of a farmhouse that rare pug marks were seen inside the farmhouse which were never seen earlier. A team of wild life experts rushed to the spot and sucessfully recreated pug mark from the impressions and later it was uploaded on the Wild life of India site which confirmed that the tiger was in the farmhouse.
Ravi Shankar said that further search by wild life Wing in the farmhouse and near by jungle found no other pug marks of Tiger. A Twitter page of Wildlife Division DFO Wild life Shimla said rare reporting of the national animal in HP, adjacent to our very own Simbalbara National Park.(#tiger #paonta #hp).
It is first time that tiger pugmark was traced in the hill state. He said that since no other pug mark were visible in the near by area it was expected that the tiger crossed the farmhouse through Yamuna river as it was adjoining the Simbalbara National park of Uttrakhand.
Since the level of Yamuna is low enough to walk in winter days, there is a possibility that the tiger may have walked or swim here and thereafter may have returned  back to its original habitat. However, to rule out the fear of the complainant that the animal might be present at the same spot or may come back again, camera traps have been placed by the wildlife wing.


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