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Shimla, May 14
Additional Superintendent of Police Shimla was accused by a head constable for allegedly sexually harassing her in a FIR registered at the Mahila Police Thana (awoman police station) new Shimla on today.
In a press statement issued over this crime All India Democratic Women Association (AIDWA) state secretary Falama Chauhan and AIDWA state President Reena Singh condemned the alleged crime seeking action and constitution of high level inquiry against the accused ASP.
” The fair probe without any pressure should have been done as the incident have earned bad name for entire police force and state which expected to work in highly discipline way” the statment said.
Woman often seek rederaisal from violence and sexual harresment from the police department however if those working in the department are not safe and senior rank police officers are involved in incidents like this, it highly disgracing, they alleged.
AIDWA said that accused police officer allegedly declared him the head of sexual harresment committee of department which is also against the Supreme court order.
AIDWA said that it was found that such sexual harresment committee are working just for name sake and officers who have nothing to do in this regard are declared head of this committee.
Sexual harresment committee not held any meetings moreover these committees play main role to put off such incidents under carpet under the pressure.
The Association demanded removal of Accused Officer from the his present post and assurance of a free and fair probe against him.
Accused ASP Shimla was shifted to police headquarter after the alleged incident.
The head constable working under him accused him of sexual harressment when the accused ordered her to report at his residence and then sexually harressed her and on other occasions also, AIDWA added.


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