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Shimla, Dec 26
In-wake of the Supreme Court appeal for the political executive to reconsider public election rallies in Uttar Pradesh, the state Government of H.P is organizing one of the biggest public gathering since 2019 Lok Sabha Election, which may be a open invitation for upgraded version of Omicron Covid variant traced in South Africa during the end of November month.
Also now after recording of the first case of this variant in the same district of State, the infection threat occurring from this mega event of the State government has become grave.
Himachal emerged 18th state in the country where Omicron Covid variant has made inroads. A Center Goverment advisory says its transmissions is three times faster than Covid-19 delta variant. State is now on the time bomb of sudden spike as five lakh Tourist have booked hotels in the state to visit on new year eve on Dec 31 amid expected Snowfall.
The call of ruling BJP in Himachal Pradesh to assemble as many as one lakh workers at Padal ground in Mandi district seems to be on line with Tablighi Jamaat congregation which had faced utter condemnation by right wing corporate media in early 2020 before the onslaught of the Covid pandemic.
As more than 415 cases have already emerged in the country, here in the hill state even the Health Authority seems to be toeing lines of the political regime. The response of Health Authority to remain vigilant for the outbreak of new Covid variant seems to be undermined by the fact that Omicron Covid variant was traced among Covid negative patients in South Africa and other countries and World Health Organization guidelines clearly mentioned that Covid negative patients may be positive for Omicron and Covid positive patients may or not be Omicron Covid variant.
Political experts feels that ruling BJP may try to suppress the facts of out break of new variant owing to recent debacle of party in by election as it wants to make this event a last resort to showcase Modi magic by hosting a mega Public gathering which may be disastrous during the pandemic owing to flux and increasing footfall of large numbers of tourist towards state Tourist resort for Christmas and New year celebration.
Local residents Gopal Sharma said that there is no concern about Omicron Covid variant in Himachal Pradesh when Supreme Court of India is cautioning to not host Public gathering in UP.
He added that the Government so far relying upon to unveil government schemes and projects are doing it in a bonanza to make a move for the ‘mission repeat’ couldn’t give slip to public health.
The threat of Covid pandemic is being ruled out owing to cent per cent Vaccination in Himachal Pradesh however the requirements of Superdose of vaccination and inefficacy of most Covid Vaccines to new variant shows that the establishment want to evade the burning issues of questionable results of vaccination.
The only remedies is the safety measures like physical distancing, use of masks and sanitizers etc but the convening of massive gathering for political ends now may cause disaster.
Sharma added that no SoPs were revised or out did by the council of ministers meeting recently which shows that it wants to escape the questions of vulnerability and threats to the life of people In-wake of Covid worst ever pandemic in Last one hundred years.
Adding, that the economy, schooling and Education are suffering hard due to Covid pandemic however politics seems to be immune.
Around 4000 plus lives were lost and four lakh people are effected in the state near ten percent of state population could be put on stake to host a rally in the advance communication era when world is global village.


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