Efforts are on repatriate mortal remains of Una Youth exhumed in Saudi Arabia


Shimla, Mar 20

Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur in a sum-moto statement said in assembly that efforts are on to repatriate the mortal remains of Una youth exhumed in Saudi Arabia in the month of Jan this year after his death in the Hospital.

Informing the house on Saturday, CM said that the government had 
taken the matter with Indian government and Saudi Arabia Consulate 
General after Congress member Satpal Raizada raised in the House
on March 16.
Member had informed the house that  Sanjeev Kumar Sharma of Gurusar
area of Una district had been buried in Saudi Arabia after his death in a Hospital.

The CM said that he had also personally talked to the union foreign minister and 
wrote a letter regarding burial of the truck driver Sanjeev Kumar Sharma at Jizan after his death at Baish Hospital, Jizan on January 24.Thakur said that Consulate General of India at Jeddah informed through an

email “We have taken up the matter with the local Foreign Office, Governorate Office, Jijan and other local authorities to exhume and repatriate the mortal remains of late Sanjeev Kumar Sharma at the earliest.”

“Officer of Consulate are on visit to Governorate, Jizan to expedite exhumation of mortal remains.” It added.

The email further stated that the Consulate General had also taken up the matter with the local foreign office to instruct the authorities concerned to probe into the circumstances leading to burial of Sanjeev’s dead body without any information even to his sponsor.

“It is noteworthy that the religion mentioned in the English translation of the Arabic death certificate issued by the Civil Affairs Office, Khamees Mushayat of late Sanjeev Kumar as “Muslim” was the mistake made by the Translation Office.” the email added.

It has been further stated that the Arabic death certificate was issued by the Suadi authority (that is civil affairs office) and the translation was done by their office only. The Consulate has not issued the death certificate or its translation, it added.

Further the apology letter has also been issued by Saudi Translation Office, it said that the apology letter by Saudi Translation Office was issued on the constant follow up and strong take-up of the issue with Saudi authorities.


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