A team of officials in the forest during search and rescue operation of the child attacked by the Leopard in 'Downdale' of Shimla

Shimla, Nov 11

The leopard which killed a four year old boy at Downdale area of Shimla town on Nov 4 would be caged in three days , a senior WildLife Office the writer on Thursday.
The Additional Principal Chief Conservator of Forest(Wildlife) Anil Kumar Thakur said that 11 Camera trap and three cages were placed in the forest by the department to keep vigil on the movement of the Leopard who suspectedly killed the four year boy at Downdale in Shimla on Nov 4.
He said that a male leopard who is expected to be behind this incident was already trapped in Camera and impression of its pug are also traced and is likely to be trapped or caged within three days.
He said that if the maneater leopard would be caged by the officials then it can be confirmed if it ate human flesh or not. The same would be done by ascertaining its nails, pugs and fecal matter.
Thereafter, there would be no need to kill the leopard, and it can be caged successfully. However, if the department fails to trap the leopard; then it would be eliminated by the sharpshooters, he said.
He said that search is continuing to trace the man-eating leopards in the downdale area. He said that by clearing the bushes, landfill sites and reduction in the number of stray dog would help to quell the Leopard(s) from the town; they would not come to residential areas and go to the jungle for hunting in the future.
The official said that people should ensure that no one hunts wild animals in the forest as it would further create trouble for people as the Leopards would approach the peripheral area of the town to hunt dog and maybe even attack men, he added.


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