Paucity of excise & police action :  Women take illegal liquor mafia head-on

Shimla, March 14

The Supply of illicit liquor is so robust in the Himachal Pradesh that people are now dying of hooch tragedies.The menace not only prevailed in the urban centres but taking gullible people in the villages and remote areas of state also under its grips. The state police and excise department doing its routine duties but big peddlers and suppliers have no fear of law and enforcement agencies.
If enforcement did not respond to illicit trades it is the responsibility of citizens who take law in their hands and fight back with the liquor mafia robustly. In Subdivision Sangrah of Sirmaur district, women of village Ghandhuri decided to enforce arbitrary ban on such activities by arm twisting such mafia. It seems now that they have given the message to liquor traders that they would not tolerate its mushrooming in the society.
 In this episode, women tore five 5 cases of illegal liquor off a person on Monday as they came on the road for doing so. They seized illegal liquor containers from some of  Dhaba and a small shop and publicly destroyed them. The women have already given warning to such people running its trade  six months ago to stop selling liquor here.  The consignment of a person being destroyed trying to befool the woman pretending close to a policeman.  When the woman called the police in the morning, he started shifting the liquor from the dhaba to his house.  Seeing this, the anger of the women flared up and they broke the boxes and bottles.
Agitated Women stated that consuming illicit alcohol is ruining many families in the area and need to be addressed by the excise and police department.
Confirming this, DSP Mukesh Dadwal said that by the time the police team reached the spot, the women had broken all the bottles.  At the same time, women have appealed for cooperation from the police in future also.


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